Dataset Download

The datasets are now available. Please visit the web page of each challenge to download the dataset. In addition, we request participants to register by sending an e-mail to the contest organizers. Registered participants will be subscribed to the mailing-list, so that they can get updated for future changes. In the e-mail, please specify: team name, team members, member institutions, the name of the challenge planning to participate, and whether you are planning to submit a paper to the main ICPR conference using our datasets.


Contest participants are welcomed to use any existing or new methodologies. The participants are required to submit the recognition results in the format specified for each challenge. In addition, a brief summary (1~2 pages) of the methodology used must be submitted. One set of results (i.e. a method summary and a performance summary) should be submitted per methodology used. Parameter changes are not treated as a different methodology. We also strongly recommend the contestants to submit their paper to ICPR 2010, if they have developed a new methodology to attack the challenge problems.

We are planning to have a half-day or full-day workshop with ICPR 2010, so that contestants are able to present and discuss their results. Please contact the organizers if you have any questions.


Citation formats of the datasets are described in the challenge web pages. If you want to cite the contest itself, please use the following reference.

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